OC Weekly Music Feature: Cinematic Sunrise

OC Weekly
contributor Doug Wallen interviews Cinematic Sunrise founding guitarist Bryan Beeler for this feature on the fun-loving indie side-project band with a sound of their own.

Featuring recently departed Chiodos singer Craig Owens as well as still-in-Chiodos keyboardist Bradley Bell, Cinematic Sunrise might have to prove themselves for some time to come, especially since their music is so much lighter than that of their gritty predecessors.

"It's the complete opposite of Chiodos," says Bryan Beeler, Cinematic Sunrise's founding guitarist. "That's what made it work. It wasn't like someone's ideas from one band could be taken and used in the other band. They're more hardcore/screamo. I like to think we're like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers with a little more rock or balls. Less kidlike, but still happy and polished and fun."

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