OC Songwriter Stacy Clark Gets 'L.A. Ink'ed

OC Songwriter Stacy Clark Gets 'L.A. Ink'ed

If you saw a recent episode of

LA Ink

featuring a young lass named

Stacy Clark

you may have wondered to yourself "who is this person?" If so, then you haven't been paying attention to your local music scene.  Clark is an OC songstress upon whom a heap of accolades has been dropped by our own Orange County Music Awards in recent years. Known for donning her guitar and singing inspirational numbers with a slightly quivering voice about following one's dreams, Clark hopped into a chair for the TLC cameras and turned her back into a canvas of flesh for artist Dan Smith.

This isn't the first Orange County musician to subject him- or herself to the bright lights of the Hollywood reality machine. Guitarist Kyle Divine from Dusty Rhodes & the River Band went on the show in its second season to get a tattoo memorializing a large piece of cheese. The design, by former cast member Kim Saigh (total babe), was done in honor of the culinary delight, which Divine could no longer indulge in after becoming lactose intolerant in a forklift-related accident.

Clark chose to have emblazoned in her epidermis a blue-hued image of an old-timey hot air balloon. But this wasn't just any hot air balloon: the one on her back resembles the one on her LP released in February by Vanguard Records entitled Connect the Dots

According to Clark, who lost her father in a drunk driving accident as a young girl, the balloon represents the highs and lows she has experienced throughout her life. She explained that if one wants to stay aloft in such a flying machine, one needs to keep it filled with oxygen. Inspirational indeed, though we're not entirely sure hot air balloons use oxygen. Should you ever encounter Clark in a hospital where oxygen is being administered, gently remind her that smoking is not allowed. In the meantime, enjoy the clip.


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