OC Punk Rock Picnic

Tickets for the OC Punk Rock Picnic 2 are on sale now. The lineup includes the Adolescents, Cadillac Tramps, SiX, Franki's Broken Toys, Noise Attack, Terezodu and lots of other bands I've never heard of.

The event goes down Saturday at Irvine Lake.  

While I'm in favor of this, the idea of a punk rock picnic conjured all sorts of images in my mind. What does one bring to a punk rock picnic? Should I pack my brown basket with English flag napkins instead of the traditional red-and-white checkered one my mom loves so much? Is my iced tea replaced by cheap beer? For dessert, do I shoot heroin?

Snicker as I may, the show is a benefit for childhood autism. Even I can't poke fun at that.

PS Hey event organizers -- you might want to include the date of the show somewhere on your site.


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