OC Music Fest--Still Don't Know What It Is, But It Won't Happen Too Soon

Back in October, the inestimable Rich Kane blogged What the hell is the OC Music Festival?, wondering about the proposed OC Music Festival scheduled for May 2009 that we had heard about but knew precious few details about--minor things like where it was to be held, for instance.

Well, we still know very little, but we do know that the May 2009 date isn't happening (makes sense, since, y'know, there's still no information about the festival out there). According to the offical Web site, it's now scheduled for "a mild weekend in the fall of 2009." O...K. Wackily, they have a link to buy tickets, but it doesn't actually work. Bummer!

Still looks as ambitious as ever, at least based on this "venue map." Hey, an OC Weekly logo. I can't wait to go chill in the Eco-Zone!


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