OC Music Fest: Did We Miss Something?

OC Music Fest: Did We Miss Something?

We first learned of the OC Music Fest 13 months ago, when then-music editor Dave Segal blogged about its "Be The Shirt band/artist T-shirt design contest." No word on if a winner for that was ever announced, since the festival, once scheduled for May 8-10, clearly never happened.

Our former OC Weekly managing editor, Rich Kane, blogged about several very reasonable concerns he had for the festival back in October. Namely, the asking price (a Coachella-esque $169 for three days), the lack of any announced participants and even the vagueness of the actual location of the event ("where the 5 meets the 405").

At no point have any acts been announced for the festival, and the Web site has only changed slightly--though it still says "May 2009" on the upper-right hand corner of the page, the intro text on the home page targets the festival for "fall 2009." Still nothing more specific than what was there nearly a year ago. I e-mailed the address on the "contact" link and haven't heard back yet, will update if they do. It certainly looks like this is not going to ever take place, but possibly there are legitimate reasons for the hold-up. Hope to hear what they might be.

There are a lot of festivals that happen in Orange County--Bamboozle Left, Weenie Roast, Hootenanny, Musink, Liskfest. But there's always room for more, especially a "signature" type event; not saying that OC Music Fest would be that (since we know nothing about it or whether it will ever happen), but, uh, the name certainly gives hope? We'll see what, if anything, happens.


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