OC Music Awards Showcases: Surprising for a Couple of Reasons

I was at the OC Music Awards Showcase last night at Detroit Bar, and a couple of things stand out. One, I was (pleasantly!) surprised at how busy it was: Parking lot was full, and it was crowded inside. Sure, it was a free show, but it was also a Tuesday night. Nice to see enthusiasm for an all-local bill.

Also surprising was how much of a "production" it was; with sponsors (including lots and lots of stuff from Yelp--I got free Yelp lip balm, cleverly monikered "Yelpstick"), several people video taping, etc. They were doing some sort of a giveaway, too, with various sundry items to be raffled off in a display case that was surrounded by candles; the resulting effect making it look like some sort of altar to corporate sponsorship.

Good night, though, highlighted by an enegertic performance from Venus Infers and the nifty coifs of the guys in Stereofix.


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