OC Music Awards Performers Announced (Some of Them, At Least)

OC Music Awards Performers Announced (Some of Them, At Least)

The performers for this year's OC Music Awards, happening April 4 at the Grove of Anaheim, have been announced--well, the ones that can be announced, anyway. If you know who these fashionable folks in this black and white pic are, you probably can guess one of them!

Yes, it's

Venus Infers

, the much celebrated (

by us

, and other people) Orange County band that's up for multiple OC Music Awards--best alternative and best indie, among others. So yeah, they're performing. They're also up for best live band, of which the finals happen this Saturday at the Yost, and the winner is also playing at the awards. So if Venus Infers end up winning that (they're against the New Limb, the Jakes, the Union Line and the Living Suns), OCMA producer Luke Allen assures us that another band will perform, as well. Make sense?

Mickey Avalon--no, we didn't know he was from OC, either--has just been confirmed as a performer. The ever-gaining-in-buzz Japanese Motors, Suburban Legends and Human Lab are all also performing, as are the winners of "best live acoustic." The finals for that (between Yellow Red Sparks, Hong Kong Six, Melanoid, AJ Degrasse and Cory Case) happen Friday at the Gypsy Den.

As far as the bands they can't announce, well, it's due to "radius clauses" that big-time national promoters have, and well, if you think about other big-time, national events happening in our radius around the same time as the OCMAs (or perhaps, even, the same day!), involving Orange County bands that are nominated for awards, well, you can probably figure it out. Right? Right??


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