Nothing's Shocking: Amy Winehouse Removed From Coachella Lineup

Nothing's Shocking: Amy Winehouse Removed From Coachella Lineup

(Yes, that's a picture of Amy Winehouse. Weird, right? It's from her MySpace. It's been up there since 2006.)

Everyone--even us!--made the same joke when Amy Winehouse was announced back in January as performing at this year's Coachella. "No way she'll actually make it there!" Well, we were right, of course, as it's been announced that she's won't be at the April festival in Indio due to work visa problems--she won't be able to get one in time because she's been charged with assaulting a fan back in September. Yep.

But the news isn't all bad! The Coachella gods giveth as the government taketh our deeply troubled diva away: the Chemical Brothers will be doing a DJ set on Saturday (the same day ol' Amy was scheduled to perform), and noted French DJ Etienne de Crecy appears on Sunday. Also added to Sunday: '90s chill out duo the Orb and "freak folk" (hate that term) progenitor Devendra Banhart. The Murder City Devils continue their reunion tour with a performance on, you guessed it, Sunday, the increasingly busy last day of the festival.

When looking up Amy Winehouse for this blog I was reminded that she's actually three months younger than I am. Yeesh.

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