Notable Releases - 7/21/2009 + A Free Show at the Santa Monica Pier

Some notable releases for July 21, 2009:

Sugar Ray-Music For Cougars

After a six year hiatus to pursue other interests (like lead singer Mark McGrath hosting Extra),  Sugar Ray have returned to produce music for... um.. judging by the title, middle aged women who frequent clubs in pursuit of strapping young lads. Or maybe they are writing songs for felines. Talk about limiting your audience.

Music For Cougars
Music For Cougars

Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace

Quick note:

The Scene Aesthetic are playing a free show in Santa Monica on Friday July 24, 2009. This from their MySpace page:

"This is a special all-ages free show at the Santa Monica Pier! We're going to meet up with everyone at 3pm in front of the Ferris Wheel on the pier to walk down to the beach and find somewhere we can play based on how many people come out! Bring your family and friends! Come hang out with us on the Santa Monica Beach!"

Pretty cool idea by The Scene Aesthetic.

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