Not nearly as bad as the KISS coffin

Weezer just announced a merch deal with Snuggie. Yes, Snuggie, that thing on tv that you (and I) laugh at until you actually try one and realize it's the best invention ever.


The contraption is called a Wuggie, and is basically a regular Snuggie with a Weezer logo. I'd be shittin' all over this if I didn't own a Snuggie. Seriously folks, I don't get paid to tell you this so you know I'm speaking the truth when I say that Snuggies freakin' rule.


One thing Snuggies don't mention in their ads (but should) is how much the robe/blanket hybrid makes people feel like a Jedi. I ain't lying when I say I am Obi-Wanfucking Kanobi when I rock my blue Snuggie with the hood on. Sometimes I sit on my couch and when my girlfriend passes by, I wave my hand and say, "you aren't too tired for intercourse tonight."


The soon-to-be issued Wuggies should go perfect for that Sept. 17 date Weezer has at the Irvine Enorma-Dome with Blink-182.  


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