Not Just A Camp...It's a Passion for "Girls Rock Camp Orange County" !

Not Just A Camp...It's a Passion for "Girls Rock Camp Orange County" !

"Check! Check!" went the mic last Sunday at Original Mike's where eighteen women gathered in the spirit of rock n' roll participating an all first ever OC Ladies Rock Camp. It took only two days for these mujeres to learn bass, drums, paino, and tune their vocals in efforts to fundraise for this summers Rock 'n' Roll Camp For Girls Orange County

"It's really overwhelming to see so many women come together basically it's something I have dreamed of for the last five years,and it finally happend" said Candace Hansen, the volunteer coordinator. What's the fuzz? When was the last time you attended a badass rock camp for ladies in el corazon de Orange County?

"As a girl playing in punk bands in Orange County, I didn't feel supported..I didn't feel like I had community support growing up and its the community that lacks but in a city like SanTana where you can see how it's really starting to build commuinity" adds Hansen. 

Missed out on the ladies rock camp? Join the rockera madness June 1st durring the SanTana art walk in a "Flashmob" in efforts to spread the word for Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Orange County.

The flashmob will be featuring new developed rockera dance moves from the Ladies Rock Camp OC such as the Puppet, the Bernie Lean and the Crab. Que es eso? Go and find out..along with shouting out "Rock and Roll for Girls OC" and who will also be filming a new recruitement campaign you must not miss this rockin flash mob! 

By the way, it's not too late to contribute your precious money to their indiegogo fundraising campaign they are only days away from reaching their $5,000 goal. Heck, even your time if you are passionate about expanding the rockera culture among more young mujeres contact them on facebook or their website.  

"It's really important to build that bond and music opportunities especially for women in OC...its' not just about the music it's about creating that community for women to feel their important and that they matter " says Hansen. 

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