No iPhone 5 vs. Tupac's Real Killer: Which News is Bigger Today?

No iPhone 5 vs. Tupac's Real Killer: Which News is Bigger Today?

So now that everyone is disappointed that Apple didn't introduce the iPhone 5 and instead introduced a version of the iPhone 4 with a better camera, we turn our attention to our sister paper LA Weekly's big news today: that Tupac Shakur was ordered killed by Sean Combs, then known as Puff Daddy, head of Bad Boy Entertainment.According to the story (which you can read in its entirety here):

[Duane "Keffe D" Keith Davis, a shot caller for the Southside Crips] tells the cops he was offered $1 million to kill Death Row rapper Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight, the label's former CEO. The informant tells his interrogators in plain language, albeit at a cool street clip, that Sean Combs -- then known as Puff Daddy, the ringmaster of Bad Boy Entertainment, Death Row Records' bitter cross-country rival -- commissioned Shakur's legendary murder in Vegas in September 1996. (Knight would survive that night's shooting with a bullet wound to the head.)

Combs apparently dismissed the story as "totally ridiculous," but with all the conspiracy theories that's been thrown around since Tupac's death, we think that this may be the one with the most heft. 

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