No Doubt's No Doubt is 20 Years Old Today

No Doubt's No Doubt is 20 Years Old Today

Speaking of two-decade anniversaries, the album that started it all, No Doubt's eponymous debut, dropped on March 17, 1992.

No Doubt recorded No Doubt independently, and by 1990, the band was signed by Interscope. The label insisted they rerecord the album, which had no radio singles, and it sold only 30,000 copies--considered a commercial failure. (It was probably because Interscope barely promoted it and refused to finance No Doubt's tour or release a single.) The band was paid their own way on tour, and they paid for "Trapped in a Box"'s  music video themselves. (Watch it after the jump.)

It's interesting that the band, formed by John Spence was on vocals and Eric Stefani (Gwen's brother) on keyboards, has changed so much since its inception as well. Gwen was originally No Doubt's backup singer, but after Spence committed suicide in 1987, Gwen took over lead vocal duties. (She is also the only person in the band from that original lineup.) After watching No Doubt's first show at Fender's Grand International Ballroom, Tony Kanal joined No Doubt as a bassist. Tom Dumont joined them in 1988, after leaving the metal band he played in, and Adrian Young became part of the band a year later.

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