Nick Waterhouse
Nick Waterhouse
Matt Oliver

Nick Waterhouse at the Detroit Bar Last Saturday Night

Nick Waterhouse & The Tarots
Detroit Bar
Dec. 3, 2011

With his Costa Mesa debut, Nick Waterhouse rocked out to a full house with his vintage R&B. With songs like "Indian Love Call," "Say I Wanna Know" and "Don't You Forget," Waterhouse had the crowd in a daze. Everyone was tapping their toes and skirts were swinging to every beat. It was as if we were at a sock hop in Orange County.

Nick Waterhouse at the Detroit Bar Last Saturday Night
Matt Oliver

Waterhouse was backed by what he called the "baddest band," The Tarots. The Tarots consist of two saxophonists, two back up singers, a tambourine player, a pianist and a drummer, and they performed with vintage equipment and tube amps exclusively.

They took the stage in style; guys wore spiffy suits, while the ladies wore vintage tops and spandex bottoms. The only thing missing was a smoke filled parlor, where big band acts used play.

Waterhouse showcased his new EP Is That Clear. From beginning to end, the crowd was engaged and full of energy.

The music was a bitter sweet taste of times past. Waterhouse's iconic rock & roll yell transitioned well into his rocking guitar solos. His horn section filled out his sound.

In the middle of his set, he shared his story of moving back to Hollywood and having to settle for an apartment in Chinatown and working 30 hour weeks. He then introduced his band and each member did a rocking solo.

Paige Sargent, one of Waterhouse's back up singers and one half of The Naturelles, led a song called It's "Your Voodoo Working," a high point of the performance. Her voodoo was clearly working on the crowd; Sargent's talent rivals that of Darlene Love and Sandy Posey. 

Nick Waterhouse puts on a hell of a show. Be sure to watch out for his debut LP, which will be released on Innovative Leisure in April.

Nick Waterhouse at the Detroit Bar Last Saturday Night
Matt Oliver

Critics Bias: I listen to trance and dubstep. However, watching Nick Waterhouse made me want to give R&B a chance again. Waterhouse is the real deal.

The Crowd: Hipsters in their twenties and thirties.

Set List:

"Say I Wanna Lnow"
"Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy"
"I Can Only Give You Everything"
"(If) You Want Trouble"
"Indian Love Call"
"Don't You Forget It"
"That Place"
"Some Place"
"It's Your Voodoo Working"
"Time's All Gone"
"Is That Clear"


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