New Riverdales songs posted

The Riverdales, a Ramones-inspired band led by former Screeching Weasel members Ben Foster (Weasel) and Dan Schafer (Danny Vapid), have "dropped" two new songs on its myspace page. The tunes, "Atomic Brain" and "Prince of Space," pick up perfectly where the Riverdales left off when they released Phase 3 in 2003.

According to legend, the Riverdales began as a way for the members to get more in touch with their Ramones infatuation after one of the many demises of SW. Originally, the band also included Screeching Weasel drummer Dan Panic, but he left the band after the first two records. 

Whereas SW had Foster singing lead all the time, this band allows Schafer the opportunity to grab the mic for his songs. The result is a healthy dose of variety while never sounding like Weasel's just throwing him a bone.

The Riverdales are releasing Invasion USA July 14 on Asian Man Records. And don't expect them to come around here anytime soon.  


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