Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra's 'Last Odyssey'
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra's 'Last Odyssey'

New Music: Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra's 'Last Odyssey'

There's something geographically astounding about a

Costa Mesa

-based record label putting putting out a band from


who specializes in the fiery polyrhythms of




 funk. That's pretty much the situation when it comes to

Ubiquity Record's

latest signee,

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

. Aside from packing every almost every awesome musical adjective they could muster into one band name, ALVO is equally adept at the kind of rhythmic alchemy that fits more flavors of the world into one one song than most bands could do in an entire album. Having already heard their debut Ubiquity release

Last Odyssey

(released today), we can say that those in need of hot, sticky percussion and jam band virtuosity from half way around the globe have enough conga-fied goodness here to keep them satiated for a while. 

Hatched in 2007 and directed by bandleader Masta Conga (rad name!), the  French group's been releasing music since 2008, including their previous effort, 2009's Definitely Roots.This latest project is an even more complex and groove-savvy descendant, combining all sorts of Fela Kuti-style chops with dashes of hip-hop, the tightness of James Brown's Funky Drummer days and a healthy splash of samba. We snagged the album's second track, "Onze De France" for your listening pleasure after the jump.
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