New Jamie Lidell Song to Launch You Into the Weekend

It's been over two years since Multiply dropped and helped to make Jamie Lidell one of the most interesting neo-soul men of this decade (his absolutely bananas live shows added even more to his lusty luster). He's been touring like a madman the last few years and consequently hasn't released any new material since Multiply. However, it seems he's settled down for a bit and started cutting new songs.

Lidell's website has a video of a hot one in progress (more videos can be found here). It bodes well for his next album. But as great as his recordings are, Lidell really excels in live settings. He's blown my mind five times in the last couple of years. Here's a live review I wrote after witnessing Lidell in Seattle in 2005. I mean it—don't ever pass up a chance to see this guy.


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