New Hirax T-Shirt Available

Ok, I admit, the idea of a new band t-shirt isn't all that exciting. I mean, I'm sure something like this happens every hour of the day. But this one is different. For me, anyway.

Last night I was running along the bike path in Long Beach when I saw Hirax frontman Katon DePena and his wife Anne. We exchanged waves, but didn't stop because as all of us knew, when a person is running, you don't interrupt.

You still with me? Good. So about an hour later I'm at the local Ralphs when a long-haired dude walks in wearing a...(wait for it, wait for it) HIRAX T-SHIRT!!!

Then I get home and I get this email from Katon saying there's a new Hirax shirt available by clicking here. You gotta admit, that's too many random instances for me not to report on this.   


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