New Gillionaire Track: "Imdabes"

New Gillionaire Track: "Imdabes"

From the man who brought us "Rifles Burs" and "Snacks" comes a new song/video called "Imdabes." It's already blowing up Youtube, so I'm going to go head and call it now: It's an instant classic, the kind you don't take home to mother.

On the track, Gillionaire tells listeners that he "be the one that win Street Fighter tournaments," "got the highest score in the world on my SAT" and that he's in the best at "watching all them '90s videos -- Power Rangers, All That, Kenan & Kel."

As if that wasn't enough lyrical prowess to last for years, the video includes a talking animated sun wearing glasses, a cartoon woman on the hood of a BMW and two guys sword fighting in slow motion. Oh yeah,


is on top of the BMW for the duration of the video as well. He's really lucky he didn't get hurt because, according to him, "my car move when I ain't driving it."

Other emcees take note: You think you got swag? You are wrong. Gillionaire don't need all those instruments and shit to make his songs. Nope. All this dude needs is his mouth, which he uses to create the entire melody for this track. My guess is he realizes he is so swag that any outside influences (ie, drum machines, producers, basses) cannot keep up with his swaggadocious ways, therefore decreasing his level of swag. So he did the smart thing and got rid of all that shit.

Now that's what I call swag.

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