New Anaheim-based Podcast Aimed at Rockeros Debuts!

New Anaheim-based Podcast Aimed at Rockeros Debuts!

For all you rockeros and rockeras out there in Southern California, a new podcast show debuted yesterday just for you! Co-hosted by Christian Mejia, a local music promoter and Hector Robles, a musician on the scene, "Talking Rock en Español" is all about supporting local talent and engaging in a dialogue about the music industry. The once-a-week podcast is recorded in Anaheim and serves up a fresh episode every Monday.

"We will be talking about our local scene, finding ways for bands to be discovered, gaining a fan base, the business aspects of music, marketing, branding and many topics that are important to performers and music listeners," writes the show's website. Mejia, as loyal readers will recall, organized a number of great shows in OC giving stage time to exciting acts Latin Alternative acts from around the block and across the border.

"Hector is a guitarist/songwriter with Xperimento56 out of Anaheim," Mejia says "He approached me two years ago at one of my shows with Monte Negro." A friendship grew out of that experience and laid the base foundation for the podcast as Robles would ask questions about the scene.

Now broadcasting their continued conversations, the first installment of "Talking Rock en Español" is an introductory one. Given their different roles as promoter and performer, Mejia and Robles chime in from their respective perspectives creating an interesting dynamic ensured to keep listeners tune in. Together they lament the disbanding of promising LA-based groups Los Abandoned and Maria Fatal, discuss pay to play and debate the meaning of landing a gig at the House of Blues. For Mejia, a show at a local bar is preferable because at least they aren't 'scrub dates' at a bigger venue for no pay.

The exchange between the two hosts interchanges intermittently from English to Spanish which is reflective of the music itself these days as well as its fan base. In the future, there will be a little less talk and a little more rock as well as interviews with local musicians, industry insiders and media makers."By being on the scene, most of the cats need to learn the business aspects of the profession," Mejia says of one of the shows main aims ."If all the local bands get it together, there can be some sort of recognition."

The timing is right, in his view, for just a thing. With Caifanes reuniting for Coachella last year and Maná selling out eleven consecutive sold-out shows at Staples Center, Rock en Español is far from dead and momentum is growing. "I feel like we can contribute to that and create a community," Mejia adds. "This podcast is my outlet."

"Talking Rock en Español" is available on iTunes and!

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