Neon Indian's Alan Palomo
Neon Indian's Alan Palomo
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Neon Indian, Deerhunter Coming to Venues Near You, Real Soon

Chillwave and neo-psych: easily detested genre names that apply to bands you really shouldn't detest. 

Chillwave exhibit A:

Neon Indian

. We recently got word they'll (well, he'll) be playing Detroit Bar on June 3. The act makes woozy, heart-jiggering synth-and-sample collages that get stuck in your head and soundtrack wistful car-rides/dance-floor experiences/make-out sessions. The breezy single "Deadbeat Summer" rightfully earned a ton of attention off of last year's

Psychic Chasms

, but we recommend the dark disco of "6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)," below.

Neo-psych exhibit A (there are no B's in this post): Deerhunter. The Atlanta quartet have been catching hype since 2006 for their mix of ambient mood-setting, brutal noise and love for 1960s pop. Their 2008 release, Microcastle, ranks among the best albums of the past decade in quite a few critics' minds. In concert, they slay. They'll be at the Glass House on April 14--that's in eight days!--for a last-minute show in advance of their Sunday gig at Coachella. Take a listen to "Agoraphobia," below, and then go buy a ticket for $12.


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