My Man MCA's Got a Beard Like a Billygoat...

...and a form of cancer. According to a press release, the man born Adam Yauch was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left parotid gland. This means the Beastie Boy's latest record, Hot Sauce Committee, will be pushed back and all current shows have been cancelled. But more importantly, this news means we gotta send lots of positive vibes toward MCA's way. He's been a champion of the Free Tibet movement for years and is one of the most underrated bassists of our time.

Mr. Yauch, you probably won't read this, nor will anyone ever mention this here lil' blog to you, but in the off chance they do, I'm hoping for a speedy and safe recovery. I'm sure lots of others are as well.

Yauch made the announcement in a very 2009 manner by taking to Youtube. Check the video for more info (including Adrock's homemade Black Flag t-shirt).


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