MTV Wants To Be Relevant Again, Seeking Twitter Jockey

MTV Wants To Be Relevant Again, Seeking Twitter Jockey

About two decades ago, people watched videos on cable instead of on YouTube. (Remember Kennedy? Adam Curry? André "Doctor Dré" Brown?)

Anyway, now that no one remembers that MTV stands for Music Television, MTV wants to be relevant again by launching a search for the master of social networking, someone who can be a liason between the dinosaurs at MTV and the masses--in 144 characters.

MTV already has 18 candidates; they want two more to battle it out in a series of online challenges this summer. Five finalists will compete at a live show on Aug. 8. Fans will then pick who gets the new job.

The TJ be working on the Video Music Awards in September and appear on MTV from time to time. The winner will also receive $100,000 as a salary and a one year contract with MTV. Mosey on over to their website for more details.

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