Ms Krazie is Now a Mural Courtesy of Street Artist Sand One

Ms Krazie is Now a Mural Courtesy of Street Artist Sand One

Edith's Market at the intersection of Ford Boulevard and 5th Street in East Los Angeles just got a whole lot fresher! The corner store began selling farmer's market produce two years ago to offer an oasis in the midst of a food desert. Adding street art to the mix, now its wall has a new coat of paint courtesy of Sand One's most recent mural of SanTana-loving rapper Ms Krazie.

Sand One, an East LA native of Mexi-Guatemalan descent, is an energetic up-and-coming artist in her early 20's and lent her talents at the sponsorship of Urban Kings Music Group, an independent label that has released five albums by the rapper. The title of la loca's latest effort Forgive Not Forget is emblazoned on the market wall in Sand One's signature 'chickz' character style.

"She has a feel and strong mood to her verses," Sand One says of Ms Krazie. "What definitely got me sold was her signature style: the heavy eyeliner, big long eyelashes and the long blonde hair. It was the perfect combination. She is a character already." Having one of LA's top Latina street artists portray one of the top Mexican rappers on this side of the border made for a potent collaboration.

The mural was completed over the course of three days. The official unveiling event took place on October 14 and was sponsored by Jarritos. "The community was extremely grateful and welcoming of the mural," Sand One says. "Many of Ms Krazie's fans reside in the area." They gathered that day to take pictures next to the artwork of their favorite artist.

The end result was more than pleasing to the rapper herself. "I will be going to see it myself and hug it," says Ms Krazie. "I never imagined that one day I'd have such a piece of art done and in such a legendary place in Los Angeles."

Fans of the Ms Krazie know she'll be coming for that abrazo soon enough when she returns to OC. In June, the rapper's loyal legion of fans waited hours in line at Pachuco Tattoo in Orange for a 'meet and greet' event. This time around, she's coming back home to Santa Ana later this month on November 23rd for a concert with MC Magic and Chino Grande at the Yost Theater.

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