MP3: 'Doppelganger,' The Color Turning
Ryan Couse

MP3: 'Doppelganger,' The Color Turning

The Color Turning may currently be based in LA, but they've got strong Orange County roots--so strong, in fact, that they're holding their CD release show for Good Hands Bad Blood tomorrow, August 6, at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Physical copies of the 11-track record will be available during the show, and online as of Friday, August 7. Here's what the band had to say about Detroit Bar on their MySpace:

"The Detroit Bar is a place close to our hearts. And we could not be more excited about this show. We've seen and played many great shows there, and developed a lot of good relationships in the confines of that bar. It's more than a fitting venue to celebrate the release of our first full-length record."

If you're looking for a little sneak peak of the album, the band has generously gifted us with one of the songs, "Doppelganger." Click on the big play button to stream, click on the arrow to download and do what you want with it! Opening up tomorrow's show are our good pals Yellow Red Sparks (who get on, they stress, promptly at 9:30 p.m.) and the New Limb, so it should be a good night all around. $7. Oh, and the entire album is streaming on AOL's Spinner site. (AOL is finally good for something!)


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