Motionless in White Prepare to Scare Up Another Big Performance at Warped Tour

Motionless in White Prepare to Scare Up Another Big Performance at Warped Tour

Wow, has it has been 20 years since the Vans Warped Tour started? Each summer for the past two decades, fans have been treated to a cross country trek, full of skateboarding, punk rock bands, and now an all encompassing eclectic mix of underground rock music, emo, indie, hip hop, ska, rockabilly, pop, metalcore, electronic and experimental artists. This year, the festival makes its mandatory local stop in Pomona, this Friday, June 20, at the Fairplex.

There will be many stages at this all day outdoor music extravaganza, and well over 100 bands performing. Some of the highlights include Everytime I Die, Falling in Reverse, The Devil Wears Prada, Atilla, Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris, Parkway Drive, Terror, Finch, Less Than Jake and Yellowcard among so many more.

The Weekly got a last minute chance to speak to Chris Motionless, from the Pennsylvania-based metalcore band, Motionless In White, (performing on this year's Kia Soul Stage) about the this year's Warped Tour, the band's fondness for electronic and industrial music, Motionless In White's anticipated new album, and the experience working with CLOWN from Slipknot last year.

OC Weekly (Alex Distefano): What's it like being part of this year's Warped Tour? What are some of the bands you're excited about seeing live and playing with this summer?

Chris Motionless: It's an honor to be able to play one of the main stages where we are. There are still steps to climb higher but when I was a kid this was what I thought was the top it was always our dream. We love being on these tours it's living out a dream. Some of the bands we like, there are so many, but a few The Ghost Inside, Everytime I Die; and more. A lot of bands we've toured with and are good friends with as well.

Are there any bands yet that you have not yet toured with you'd want to share the stage with?

Our dream tour would be to tour with Slipknot, we just toured with Rob Zombie last summer on Mayhem Fest and that was awesome. To tour with Slipknot we'd be very hyped up about that!

In 2013, you worked with CLOWN from Slipknot, on the music video for the song 'America' tell us about that experience and what it was like?

He was a very awesome guy and has a tremendous amount of talent. For me though, it's kind of a weird thing to look back on at first I don't believe it sometimes. We look up all the guys in Slipknot, but it was crazy to be working with a member of the band, that does all their creative art and stuff. It was humbling to work with Clown so personally and I still think sometimes when people bring it up, 'Holy Shit! I worked with Clown from Slipknot on a music video!' It was a huge accomplishment for the band.

Tell us a little bit about the new album out soon called Reincarnate. Are you guys playing a lot of new songs? How will your set list differ from when you play a full headlining tour?

Well, the obvious difference is we only have 35 minutes and we have to rush to play as many songs we can in those 35 minutes. It' a more anxious set than a headlining tour when we take our time a bit talk between songs and do our thing. The new songs, well there's only one we're playing live for people to give them a taste of the new album, without giving away too much too soon.

Last year in 2013, you had Combichrist do a remix of the song, "Sinematic." How did that come about? Are you guys into different types of industrial, or dubstep music?

We are really massive fans of industrial music and you will hear more of it on our new album, that is the kind of style and music we really like, and we're incorporating it into the metal genre. I think Combichrist has some really cool shit, so I asked Andy personally if he wanted to do a remix and said yeah, and so from there on he was in on the project. It was very rad to be associated with Combichrist in any way I'm a huge fan.

What does the band have in plans after the Warped tour, and with the upcoming release of the new album?

We will do tours but we can't make any of our plans public at this point. But, our new album will be in about a month, and we hope all of our awesome fans and everyone else comes out has fun this summer at the Warped Tour!

Catch Motionless In White, at this year's Warped Tour, Friday, June 20th, at the Fairplex in Pomona. 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, (909) 623-3111. Also, be sure to check for current updates.

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