Morrissey last night..pre-tackle
Morrissey last night..pre-tackle
Christopher Victorio

Morrissey Got Tackled In San Jose Last Night, Lights Out For Observatory Show?

There were some lights that definitely went out at the Morrissey show up in San Jose last night. Unfortunately, they belonged Morrissey. The 54 year-old singer was tackled mercilessly by a fan (or three?) on stage at the City National Civic.  Two songs into the second encore ("One Day Goodbye will Be Farewell"), any security guards in charge of the front barrier were rendered helpless as dozens of fans began rushing the stage to give the singer a parting hug at the end of the show. We'd like to think that their intentions weren't malicious--if anything San Jose fans were probably just glad he didn't cancel on them again. The crowd's stunt started out innocent enough, but as you'll see in the fan video posted below, things got ugly really quick.

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After thwarting a couple creepy attempts by fans to mount him like a steed, someone broke through and took Moz to the ground, causing the band to stop playing as boos roared through the crowd. What a way to start the U.S. tour! Moz' new album, World Peace is None of Your Business, is slated for release in July. Hopefully he's okay, but as of now, there's no official word on his physical condition.

So now we wait with bated breath to find out if those asshole NorCal fans caused Morrissey to bow out of tonight's gig at the Observatory. If there's as many fanatical Mexican fans showing up as we think there are, the Observatory better pray all is well...or prepare one of the most hoplessly depressed riots in history. Raw fan footage of the Moz tackle is posted below. Still, the weirdest part of this clip has to be the opera music that comes on over the house speakers after Morrissey falls. On second thought, it's just dramatic enough to be appropriate.

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