Morgan Page - Yost Theater - 7/3/12

Morgan Page
Morgan Page
Jeff Allen / Eventvibe

Morgan Page
Yost Theater

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On the eve before 4th of July, LA-based promoters Giant brought Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Morgan Page to the Yost Theater in the Santa Ana Arts District for a special Orange County holiday event. Currently touring to promote his latest album In The Air, Page recieved an enthusiastic OC welcome to this sold out Tuesday night event. The excitement from electronic dance music fans and party people echoed through the crowd as lines formed outside the venue wrapping around the corner.

Giant DJ Ryan Sage did a solid job of warming up the crowd as EDM lovers filled the venue and swarmed the dance floor. At one point, you couldn't even go down the stairwell onto the floor because it was so packed. As house and electro boomed from the Yost massive sound system everyone was slamming shots and pounding drinks as it felt like a Friday night since most people had the 4th off. The entire upstairs was filled as well and the VIP tables were packed with glow stick armed partiers ready to rage and get their dance on.

The Yost Theater Crowd
The Yost Theater Crowd
Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly

Morgan Page played a full 90-minute set with plenty of progressive house and electro to keep everyone raging, jumping up and down and singing along. Incorporating lots of tracks from his latest In The Air release including "Bodywork," Page pleasantly surprised us with his new, much harder edits and remixes. This was one of the most banging sets we have ever heard him play as he spliced songs like Chuckie and Promise Land's "Breaking Up" and Bingo Player's "Rattle" with his usual lyric infused anthems. Definitely giving the crowd what they came for, Morgan blew us away with this hard-hitting sound.

The set touted an amazing array of production elements including giant lasers, a huge LED wall that emblazoned Page's name behind him and had other stimulating visuals, confetti, fog machines and sexy go-go dancers in bikinis and fluffy boots showing off their moves on giant platforms on the side of the DJ booth. At some point we couldn't even ID a number of the songs he was playing, but it didn't matter because we were dancing our asses off just like everyone else and enjoying the big room sound resonating from the speakers.

When Page finally dropped a remix of "Fight For You" everyone sang along with excitement, like when a band plays that one song you had been waiting for all night. He did an amazing job of taking us through a musical journey filled with his singles, popular club bangers right now and even old school gems like "Rhythm is a Dancer" by Snap! Dancing was the theme of the night as everyone was up on tables, mobbing the packed dance floor, shaking it on stage and even behind the bar (we caught a couple bartenders grooving too).

Morgan Page
Morgan Page
Jeff Allen / Eventvibe

Personal Bias: I've been a big Morgan Page fan for a while and yet have seemed to miss him at lots of major music festivals, so I was beyond excited to catch him at one of my favorite venues.

The Crowd: Party people, dance music aficionados, Asians and the typical OC club circuit goers.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I don't say it too often, but tonight was pretty damn epic. One of the better shows I've seen." We concur!

Random Notebook Dump: Though everyone was miserably over packed like a can of sardines, our favorite part was getting right in the front of the dance floor getting sweaty with fellow music lovers.

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