More Indie 103.1 Fallout: Jonesy's Jukebox Not Dead Yet, Looking For New Home

With the news that Indie 103.1 is abandoning the airwaves, and the fate of its hosts and specialty shows very much in the air (it looks like the online-only version of Indie 103.1 will be DJ-less), word has come from "Jonesy's Jukebox" host (and, of course, Sex Pistols guitarist) Steve Jones via public relations firm MSOPR that the program--one of the station's most popular--is looking for a new home.

"STEVE JONES is currently exploring other options and is in talks to expand 'JONESY'S JUKEBOX' due to today's announcement that Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1 has ceased broadcasting," says the press release. The random all-capitalized proper names is their doing, not mine.

Though the actual quote they have from Jones doesn't sound quite as optimistic:

"I want to thank everybody for listening to the show and supporting the station," says JONES.  "It was an experience I truly enjoyed and the support I got from my fans and artists who came on the show was just incredible. I'd like to think we broke some rules and that everyone had a bloody good time.  Thanks for listening."

Sounds kind of final, but the release ends on this hopeful note: "Stay tuned for information about "JONESY'S JUKEBOX" in the coming weeks." Wow. So many capital letters!

Hopefully the show does indeed find a new home, but given the state of things, I'd strongly doubt that it'd be back on terrestrial radio. Though stranger things have happened.


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