More Beastie Boys News

More Beastie Boys News

Remember when I told you how the Beastie Boys 1992 classic Check Your Head was being re-released with all sorts of extra goodies? If not, click here.

In continuing with this fine tradition (can something be a tradition after it happens twice? I think so), the trio's 1994 follow-up, Ill Communication, is being given a make over and will be available July 14 (next Tuesday, people). But like everything in these times in which we live, the tunes are ready for your listening pleasure on the Intranets by clicking here.

Word on the street (and by street I mean their website) is this new Ill Communication features 32 remastered songs, a slew of b sides and rarities, including a bunch of songs that were available on the Root Down EP. 

For those who prefer tangible music, the record will be released on a three LP 180HQ vinyl set with a coffeetable book. But get on it quick cuz only 1,500 version of those are being made.

On a related note, the Beastie Boys new record, Hot Sauce Committee, is on shelves (are records still on shelves?) Sept. 15.

On another related note...why isn't anyone sending me these re-releases?


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