Massive Monster Fail
Massive Monster Fail

Monster Massive Is Canceled. Now What? How to Get Your Refund

Well, it finally happened. Monster Massive 2011 was canceled today despite Go Ventures'  enthusiastic claims to the contrary. Armin van Buuren's Armin Only Mirage show dropped out of the festival due to "reasons beyond their control." Erick Morillo also bailed on the clusterfuck that has been Monster Massive 2011.

Luckily, ticket company Flavorus will refund tickets to Monster Massive. Flavorus said it will begin the refund process later today.

Those who purchased tickets online will be automatically refunded after 3 to 5 business days.

The same goes for those who purchased tickets at a store with a credit card. If you paid cash for them at a store, visit

and submit a request via the online form.

Go Ventures' refund policy states, "Go Ventures has been producing successful events for nearly 20 years with a spotless track record for customer service. In the unlikely event that any Go Ventures event is ever canceled, all prepurchased tickets will be refunded."

Attorney Jason Ryan Thompson, who represented an Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 attendee when Insomniac didn't provide the VIP amenities that were promised, said that ticket holders are only entitled to a refund. "It's important to realize the need to read the disclaimer when buying a ticket. There's usually a waiver that talks about the lineup and venue are subject to change," Thompson said. Go Ventures is not obligated to give customers any more than what the damages were in this situation.

Those who booked flights to California and hotel rooms are entitled to get reimbursed for those expenses. "If they were wrongfully induced to make these travel plans because of negligent misrepresentation or intentional misrepresentation, then they're entitled to a refund," he said. Thompson advised customers to contact Go Ventures to arrange this, rather than pursuing legal action.

Monster Massive Is Canceled. Now What? How to Get Your Refund


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