Monsieur Leroc Le Slow Motion Boogie WoogieCornerstone R.A.S./

Is it just me, or is hybrid music bum-rushing the whole damn world? Here's more evidence: Monsieur Leroc, a weird German who's landed on our coast with an arsenal of hip-hop, jazz, funk, R&B, soul, and Jimmy Page-style guitar rock, all wrapped around freaky electronic beats. My own aversion to electronic music has waned lately, with talents like Beck, Moby, the Beastie Boys and Live Human taking the boomp-cha-boomp-cha repetition out of the beats and turning it into what's easily the most creative pop medium in eons. Monsieur's ethereal, slow, heavy beats, manufactured on several computers and assorted techno-geek gear, suck me even further into the electronic world —they make the perfect background music for a swank party or . . . heh, other things. "Le Odensaque" has these slinky, sultry vocals and boasts a horny "I like it" coo. "I Think I" has a Prince-ish, soul-sexy vibe, telling you that you'd better go find someone to love pretty quick before the next jam falls. "Funky Schlupfer," meanwhile, is all lo-funk action, a wiggedy-wiggedy-wacked booty-shaker. "Macaroni Cheese Sandwich" pumps things up even more, something that'll have you dancing like James Brown and howling this stupid-fresh key line right along with guest vocalist Lazlo Loco: "No onions please! Can't stand onions!" How can a German man get so damn funky just by ordering a sandwich? (Arrissia Owen)


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