Monique Powell, Hypersensitive Lead Singer, Save Ferris

Photo by Jeanne Rice "Fortress Rehearsal Studios on Highland in Hollywood—for the REAL LA rock experience at an affordable price. Every band has to rehearse here at least once to say they 'paid their dues,' and it will be one of the few Hollywood landmarks to remain standing once corporate, commercial Hollywood takes over."

> "The Calvin Room (and Dave and Chris' famous Bar-B-Q) in Huntington Beach provides weary musicians with sustenance, solace and a place to rest the aching head."

> "Linda's Doll Hut in Anaheim. Linda Jemison is a woman with the right idea about operating a business. For a real, unfettered live music experience, catch a night here. Dress comfortably. Beer and wine only, 21-plus."

> "Koo's Art Caf in Santa Ana. Great coffee, the employees are so nice, and they always seem to find the most original and exciting artists to express themselves in some way on any night."

> "Phil Shane at the Fling in Orange. Because everyone just goes to have a good time, you can get piss-drunk without feeling stupid, and I love nude paintings of women on velvet."

> "Rodney's English Disco at Fais Do Do in downtown LA. Rodney is the leader of new music in LA and Orange County, and he gives all music a chance. That, and the vibe at this club is so glamorous, and the music selection is fantastic to dance to."

> "Are Oh Vee, the music-video show. I don't know what channel it's on in OC, but it's the best show to grace TV airwaves since, well . . . I've just never seen a more comprehensive video show on television. Need I say more? Watch it!"

> "Bionic Records (all of them), for their constant support and appreciation of new sounds. They keep Orange County indie alive, and if they don't have it, they will find it for you!"

> "Eggs Benedict with lots of Tabasco sauce at Denny's in Hollywood on Sunday mornings. Just because."

> "Terri King, BCBG and Lipp Service Clothing because they helped me out at the worst of times. Three clothing manufacturers who support the musical cause."


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