Mogwai Screens Burning Today at Noon, Everywhere on the Internet

Scottish post-rock band Mogwai is screening their concert film Burning at noon today--on practically every music site on the Web. The virtual screening will include a Q&A with Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite (electric guitar, vocals) and the film's director Vincent Moon (of La Blogotheque fame). 

Burning was shot over a series of shows played by the band at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Its release comes with a live album called Special Moves, available now.

After the jump, a list of sites where you can watch Burning over your lunch break--and a trailer.

Right now there are 45 websites (and counting!) who will be participating in this event and hosting the film, including Consequense of Sound, Daily Swarm, Drowned in Sound, La Blogotheque, Loudersoft, Muzzle of Bees and more.

Oh, and we heard that the film features the band playing very, very loudly--wear earplugs if you're in public.


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