Missives From SXSW: Exene Cervenka (of X) Blogs On the Road

Most famous as a punk rock icon and artist, Exene Cervenka (front woman for X, Knitters and Original Sinners) is documenting her adventures for Heard Mentality on the way to Austin's South By Southwest, the country's biggest music festival. Check out her complete archive here.

Raven Lorthos

I'm in Texas somewhere. Tomorrow, we arrive in Austin. It's the 25th year of SXSW. I think I've done at least 10 of those. But all I can think about is Japan. When I get to Austin, I'm sure I'll get more in the groove; I'm just not in the mood right now.
Nothing seems real, the way life goes on. I haven't looked at the schedule yet. I hear there is a benefit show for the victims in Japan. I watch the images when I get to the hotel. I drive all day and into the night. I promise I will be more informative once I get there. Tomorrow.

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