Minneapolis Morning Show Mocks Hmong via 'Tears In Heaven'

Minneapolis Morning Show Mocks Hmong via 'Tears In Heaven'

[Via Angry Asian Man]
Speaking of the wrong use of Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven", the Dave Ryan In the Morning Show recently aired a version that targeted Hmong people on KDWB 101.3 in Minneapolis. (Apparently, there is a big Hmong population in the Midwest.) Angry Asian Man calls it "straight-up racist"-- listen to it here.

Here are the lyrics:

No room for a couch
'Cause we sleep on the floor
One big group of Vangs
Hmong family of 24
Kids work in St. Paul
Hang out at the mall
'Cause I know they dwell so well
Thirty Hmongs in a house

Hmongs get pregnant early
First baby at 16
Seven kids by 23
Over the hill by 30
Like sardines they live
Packed in a two-room house with the kids
But you know they age quite well
They be Hmongs.

An mp3 of the original audio can be found on the Dave Ryan online archive here. Ugh.

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