Mike Conley family benefit show announced

Tickets are on sale today for a Monday, April 28 show at the Anaheim House of Blues -- a benefit gig for the family of Avalon Bar owner/M.I.A. frontman/all-around swell guy Mike Conley, who passed away in February. Dubbed Beautiful Noise, the lineup is pretty impressive: a performance by M.I.A. with Jello Biafra (we assume Jello will be taking over vocal duties in Mike's absence); Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds; an acoustic set from Social Distortion; the Cadillac Tramps with all the original members; and tributes to two of Mike's post-M.I.A. bands, Jigsaw and Naked Soul. Tickets are on sale at www.hob.com.

Also, if you visit the Mike Conley family fund website, you can purchase a sweet-looking Ross Morgan-designed Mike Conley tribute T-shirt...


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