Mickey Avalon
Mickey Avalon
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Mickey Avalon - The Coach House - 6/6/12

Mickey Avalon

The Coach House


Five years after the release of his self-titled debut album, libido-driven Hollywood glam rapper Mickey Avalon, showed up to the Coach House to fire off some tunes from his new album, Loaded, in South County last night and he did not disappoint.

Performing an hour-and-a-half-long set at the Coach House in fan-friendly San Juan Capistrano (can you taste the sarcasm?), The Ave (as he is affectionately known) brought his unique brand of tongue-in-ass-cheek party rap to an angsty crowd of OC folk, just looking for a reason to call in sick to work/summer school/probation the next morning.

Never mind that he fell off the map for a good five years, or that he is best known for rapping about how his dick is "sick and dangerous," Avalon and his troupe of dancing girlies, guest stars (Scott Russo of Unwritten Law, this time) and DJ's can always be trusted to put on a good show that thrives on the glorification of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, in no particular order.

Kicking off the night with a rowdy rendition of "Waiting to Die," Avalon--who was born Yeshe Perl and once prostituted himself in support of a debilitating heroin addiction-- sounded great and looked healthy. He was even sporting a little pouch belly on his formerly frail frame. And while his stable sobriety might lead some to think he's lost his lyrical edge, his Loaded material proved that his raunchy rhyme skills haven't suffered a bit.

With titles like "Rock Bottom," "Drugs" and "California (Crack Cocaine)," it's clear that Avalon has decidedly taken the Snoop Dog route of rapping about the struggle of the old days to continue to make waves in the new. And speaking of making waves, toward the end of his show, Avalon invited a few fans on stage during "Red Light District," which naturally turned into a gigantic mob, and ultimately caused some power-tripping, hillbilly security guards to put the smack down on fans as they climbed up to join the party.

Regardless of the ruckus, the "Kosher Salami" kept the fuel of the fan-mob fire going for the whole song, which allowed OC music fans get their quick fix of club-style chaos.  Perhaps one of the best things about Avalon's "gutter trash" shtick is that his music allows those of us who don't quite appreciate shooting up heroin and "selling cock for rock" to enjoy his crazy, seedy-ass world from a safe distance.

Critic's Bias: I met Mickey Avalon after a gig he played in Malibu last year, and I can honestly say he is literally one of the nicest people I've ever met, famous or not. He's also totally down to let the ladies grope on him during fan meet n' greets...not that I would know from experience or anything.

The Crowd: A lot of hot underage chicks with fake ID's and a few older biker dudes with no business partying with said hot underage chicks. We also saw plenty of die-hard fans happy to see Avalon shake his wee-wee and spit some new rhymes.

Overheard: "I hope he does, 'So Rich, So Pretty,' - that's my song!" (Of course it is.)

Random Notebook Dump: Someone stole Mickey's captain-style hat during the giant stage mob that assembled on stage for "Red Light District." And while for some time it seemed like the culprit might not be brought to justice, someone eventually came forward and returned the hat to Avalon, which prompted him to say, "Thank you, that was the right thing to do. I'll sign whatever you want." What a class act.


Waiting to Die

Mr. Right

Mickey's Girl


So Rich, So Pretty

Friends and Lovers

Fuckin 'em All

Pretty Woman

Avalon's Funeral

More Junk

Oh Baby

Girlfriend (feat. Scott Russo)

Mr. Brownstone

I'm Hot

Hustler Hall of Fame

On The ...

Red Light District

What Do You Say

Rock Bottom

Jane Fonda

Stroke Me

My Dick

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