Michele Bachmann Ignores Tom Petty, Keeps Playing 'American Girl' at Rallies

So when Tom Petty sent Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann a cease-and-desist letter asking her to refrain from playing his song "American Girl" (after which Katrina and the Waves asked her to stop playing "Walking on Sunshine") on Monday, Bachmann may not have gotten the memo.

The Washington Post reports she used the song again in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. According to Rolling Stone, though, Bachmann may have the right to continue using the song. "Many legal experts feel that if the campaign buys a license from ASCAP [American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers], they are allowed to play any song they want without seeking approval from the artist. . . . The matter has yet to be tested before a judge, but most politicians stop the moment that an artist complains."



then got in touch with Ted Nugent to ask if he'd let her use his songs.

His reply:

"Michele Bachmann is clearly a Great American. Her words have iron, her spirit is indefatigable, and her beauty contagious. In a perfect, world her ultimate campaign theme song would be 'WANG DANG SWEET POONTANG' just to fire up America and prove that political correctness is laughable. But since her 'we the people' Tea Party defiance is tantamount to setting America back on a course of rugged individualism and Herculean productivity, 'STRANGLEHOLD' is the only choice. Godspeed [Michele]. Let 'em have it!"


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