Michael Ubaldini: A rugged outlaw who likes to folk

Michael Ubaldini: A rugged outlaw who likes to folk

In my book, the modern folk artist falls into one of three categories. First, you have the weepy, self-deprecating Conor Oberst types, followed by the ultra-groovy, "look at me I play a million instruments because I'm so talented" hippies. And then you've always got the straight ahead rocker whose faux Springsteen swagger gets ladled over some easily digestible, cut-and-dry lyrics. But if local musician Michael Ubaldini has taught me one thing after a 10 minute browse of his Myspace page, it is that I have obviously overlooked one major group on the modern folk spectrum. The outlaws.

Yes it seems that despite being surrounded by a variety of new acts recycling different shades of acoustic folk, Ubaldini has earned plenty of OC music cred by sticking to his image as a leather clad rebel. And according to the Register and the LA Times, this guy ain't too shabby when it comes to song writing (need I remind you to take the music opinions of both these papers with a grain of salt).  Recently, Ubaldini has come up with a separate string of gigs showcasing a line-up of guitar strumming bad asses that you definitely do not want to folk with (sorry, i couldn't resist).

The Michael Ubaldini Outlaws of Folk music series kicks off tonight at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana, a bohemian-style hangout known for it's appreciation of the acoustic arts. The series happens on the second Wednesday of every month and also at different locations across OC. Look for a rotating list of supporting acts at every show. It's supposed to start around 7:30 p.m. Bring a leather jacket.

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