Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio on Upcoming Tour and New Album 'This Addiction'

Alkaline Trio.</span> Matt Skiba pictured center.
Alkaline Trio. Matt Skiba pictured center.

Lucas Vocos (OC Weekly): You guys have recently formed your own label, Heart & Skull Records, in a partnership with Epitaph after your last album was released on a major label. What was that experience like?

Matt Skiba: It's actually been remarkably easy. We got out of our Epic deal scot-free. They kind of restructured the label and absolutely eliminated the rock department because, as we all know, rock records aren't selling any more. Everyone that we liked there and trusted weren't there anymore and being a rock band, we really didn't have any business being on that label anymore. We were let go and we were grateful at how easy it was and decided that we're not gonna let ourselves get in that kind of position ever again. 


We've been there before where we were very lucky cause it could have been very bad, but timing was on our side and we managed to slither around these sticky areas. So, now we are celebrating our good fortune with starting our own label so that we don't have to worry about that anymore. We went in and recorded the record and paid for it ourselves. We had plans to release the record on our own label and we were having meetings with these different companies that help you jump start your label and help you with the distribution and manufacturing and all the things that go along with putting out a record. And then Brett [Gurewitz] from Epitaph came along and offered us a very similar deal and said why don't you run the label through Epitaph and use our resources, let us put our name on the record, the two of us as partners. We wanted to be like Hellcat and Anti- and Dischord records. By bands for bands. That's what we're trying to do and with Epitaph in our corner its amazing. They started our company for us.

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