Matt Costa's gear stolen

More bad news for a local band: Matt Costa and his band, currently in the middle of the North American leg of his worldwide tour, had their gear stolen after playing a show in Winnipeg, MB.

For any struggling musician trying to bring their music to your cities, this is probably the worst thing that could happen. Check after the jump to see a message from the Costa camp asking for help tracking down their stolen equipment.

P.S. This happened in Winnipeg of all places? Really?

**please pass along this email or spread the word in whatever way possible, myspace, facebook, email list, etc etc.**

Dear Friends,

We need your help. At some point between 11:30 PM on Saturday, February 16th and 12Noon on Sunday, February 17th the following pieces of musical gear and equipment were stolen from the inside of The Garrick Centre in Winnipeg, MB. All of the items listed below belong to Matt Costa and/or members of his band, the items had been locked inside The Garrick Centre for overnight storage as this was reportedly safer than leaving them in our trailer on the streets of Winnipeg.

Matt Costa – Stolen Gear List

(Winnipeg’s Garrick Centre on 2/17/08)

1 each – Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

1 each – Gibson ES335 Electric Guitar, Seafoam Blue

1 each – Epiphone EL-OO Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst, w/ Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Pickup

1 each – Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Relic Electric Guitar, Blonde

1 each – Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster Relic Electric Guitar, Lake Placid Blue

1 each – 1953 Supro Lap Steel Guitar, Salmon Mother Of Pearl

1 each – Kentucky Mandolin, Sunburst

1 each – Fender Custom Shop 59’ Relic Precision Bass Blonde

1 each – Ashdown EVOII500 Bass Head w/ Road Case

1 each - 1973 Marshall Lead Bass 20 Guitar Head w/ Orange Anvil Case

1 each - Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, Black, w/ Road Case

1 each - Calzone Briefcase w/ Boss Tuner, Sans Amp & Three Monster Cables

1 each – Anvil Briefcase

1 each – Countryman D.I.

There will be a reward for anyone that provides information leading to the recovery of any of these items and that person’s identity will of course remain confidential.

Please contact Chris Fenn w/ any information, (714) 813-1406 /

Thanks in advance for your help.

Chris Fenn


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