Mariachi Divas Party With WeeMan in Their First Music Video

Mariachi Divas Party With WeeMan in Their First Music Video

The Grammy-Award winning Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea (we've written about them here before) have just released their first ever music video featuring Jason "Wee Man" Acuña of Jackass fame.

Coming in support of the group's soon to be released sixth studio album Viva La Diva, the video for the song of the same name showcases their signature touch of innovation, creativity and attitude that has made these mariachi mujeres noteworthy for the past decade. "We wanted to have an original song called 'Viva la Diva' that talked about the life of a diva," says founder and director Cindy Shea.

"We like to have a good time and invite everyone to have a party with us-even those critical of our work! "Viva la Diva" came out

a cumbia

and when we were thinking of doing our first ever music video, we wanted it to match the spirit of the song," she added.

For their first video music venture, the Mariachi Divas enlisted Wee Man's help. "He is part Mexicano and is a good friend of ours," says Shea. "We met him a year ago on an airplane while traveling on tour. We played at his birthday party." When approached about the project, Wee Man channeled his inner mini-mariachi. "He was really down for the video," recounts Shea. "We didn't really have a plot for it until we were on the scene. Wee Man helped us direct and come up with the idea for some of the shots like the one up on the cliff in Redondo Beach by Chronic Tacos."

In the video for "Viva La Diva," Wee Man is a lonely trumpeter looking for taco money (perhaps for lunch at his Chronic Taco locations?)--when he gets picked up on the side of the road by a party bus filled with Mariachi Divas. Argentine lead vocalist Lorena "La Che" Panella soars in between live concert footage and shots of Las Divas clawing away at Wee Man, as good time is had by all.

If you want to see them before the June 29 release of their new album (which will feature a five song tribute to the late Michael Jackson), you can head over to Tortilla Jo's ( 1510 Disneyland Dr.) in Anaheim. They're playing June 12 and 19,  6-9:30 p.m. They also play inside Disney's California Adventure theme park daily.


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