Marc B. Releases 'Mr. American' on World Food Program Benefit
Jackie Connor/OC Weekly

Marc B. Releases 'Mr. American' on World Food Program Benefit

More formally known as Marc Beauregard, Marc B. delivers a smooth surfy acoustic sound, sans Dick Dale's bright guitar riffs. Although his EP, The Yellow Jelly, was released in 2006, he's brought Maxx Farris on percussion and Yoni Berk on bass and ukulele to bring a variety of instrumentation such as harmonica, djembes and a flowing acoustic guitar on their newest single "Mr. American." released last August.

The band's newest release "Mr. American" is featured as the opening track on Oniric Record's compilation album Solutions for Dreamers. The song challenges its listeners to live a day in the life of a person living in a continent that is constantly stricken with famine.

Solutions for Dreamers benefits the World Food Program which deals with famine relief in Africa. Beauregard says, "100 percent of proceeds to my track and all those tracks on the compilation go to the World Food Program, so it is an honor to be a part of that."

Beauregard, 25, sings and writes all their songs, but says, "I'm really happy with the band I have, we gel really well together."

While listeners might compare his sound to Sublime's late and great Bradley Nowell, Marc B. recognizes his own style through his versatility in his compositions.

"I think I found my sound through that real loose campfire feel, but still have it remain uptempo at the same time," said Beauregard. As fan Jennifer Miller says, "his music is something you can throw into your car and take on a road trip."

Beauregard admits his influences are classics like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and, of course, Sublime, he says young artists he has met throughout his travels, such as Alex Rhodes and Matt Costa, have influence his musical palette as well.

And the band has a message that provokes young generations to make a change as well: In the track "Democracy," the lyrics describe the need for a solution to ocean pollution.  " We call ourselves a democracy/ That sounds funny to me/ Those of us who live by the shore we know a bit more about ocean pollution."


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