Manny Pacquiao's Love Ballad Hits The Charts

Manny Pacquiao's Love Ballad Hits The Charts
​Manny Pacquiao can knock a dude out, but can he hit falsetto? 

The Filipino boxing champ and congressman has long moonlighted as an amateur crooner--check out these five YouTube videos--but now he's turning his passion into a full-fledged third career. This week, his single, "Sometimes When We Touch," punched through the charts, reaching No. 7 in the secondary adult contemporary rankings.

It all started when Pacquiao performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2009. Recording artist Dan Hill, who wrote the 1977 love ballad, reached out to the soulful icon and offered to team up with him on a reboot of the single. "I was immediately drawn by the honesty and the gentleness of his performance," Hill told Billboard. "It was like 'wow.'" 

Pacquiao's rendition of "Sometimes When We Touch," released in April, includes original lyrics such as, "A hesitant prize fighter/ Still trapped within my youth."

Here's a trailer of the DVD that comes with the track

Where will Pacman go next? It doesn't seem to matter--his fans are sure to follow. 

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