Make a Movie for the Vandals!

Make a Movie for the Vandals!

Support the Vandals in their fight against The Daily Variety and their parent company Reed Elsevier! If you remember, the Daily Variety sued the Vandals over the use of their logo. Now the Vandals want you to make a movie with the theme: "What Kinds Of Things Do The Employees of Daily Variety, Reed Elsevier, and their Lawyers Say To Each other To Justify Suing The Vandals?"

If you make a movie like the Vandals did above, you get a free t-shirt, an autographed CD, and a signed Certificate as an Official Selection in

The 2011 Daily Variety Vs. The Vandals Film Festival


It's easy: Go to

  • Pick The Characters from our colorful cast options
  • Pick their voices
  • Pick a set, e.g. Office, Hotel Room, Sauna
  • Type the dialog and choose expressions and hand gestures.

Xtranormal will put everything else together, and you will have entertained one of the most hilarious punk bands to ever come out of Orange County! 

More details: Make sure it is one minute or more in length and notify the band via email when you upload it.

If you want to make a different kind of movie with a different animation software, or even live action, you may, it just has to be a dialog between two or more people with some props and a decent set. Don't just rant. You have to use at least one character from our cast.

More Rules:

Avoid cussing, no explicit pornography references. It's OK to mock these people for what they are doing but do not go overboard. They don't deserve to be harmed, just mocked.

Soon we will upload the images and sizes of all the shirts/CDs you can have in our new exclusive store launching in a matter of days. However, get started now because to do this right, you have to spend some time on this.

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