Madonna's Halftime Show The Best Ever: Five Reasons Why

Madonna's Halftime Show The Best Ever: Five Reasons Why

Maybe you're the one person in the world who didn't like Madonna's gladiator-inspired, star-studded halftime show at Superbowl XLVI. Let me convince you otherwise.  

1. Her Madgesty performed old hits that reminded every one she was Madonna: From "Vogue," to "Music" to "Like a Prayer," she took us back to a time when we worshipped everything she did, with her song choices, elaborate costumes and just how fit she was. Everyone remarked that she looked amazing and could do crazy gymnastics for a 53-year-old, but even that stumble on the bleachers was endearing--hey, Madonna's human too!

2. M.I.A. flipped people off and almost said shit, but in such a sneaky way NBC couldn't censor it in time. Hooray for little acts of anarchy! It also reminded us that this four-minute bit of sickness had just came out:

M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" is the best song I'd heard in a while, and this video has so many incredibly cool moments we can't even count them.

3.  Madonna not only shuffled better than LMFAO, she also did cartwheels on the bleachers.

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