Lux Interior RIP

Lux Interior, lead singer for wildly influential (and wildly awesome) psychobilly band the Cramps, passed away yesterday in Glendale at the age of 62. is reporting the cause of death as something related to a pre-existing heart condition.

Interior, born Erick Lee Purkhiser, formed the Cramps in 1972 with guitarist (and future wife) Poison Ivy. The duo released tons of records, most of which you should own, and went through so many members you almost wanted to be the drummer in Spinal Tap.

Interior's live performances were legendary, the stuff that made the hairs on your arms stand straight up. He was energetic, enthusiastic and spastic, and most importantly, looked good doing it. Don't believe me? Click here.

The Cramps had slowed down a tad over the course of the past decade, but they still played a handful of dates around Halloween. If you never got the chance to see them, you missed out. I hate when people say that sort of thing to me, but it's the truth. The Cramps were -- and forever will be -- something out of this world.

Lux, if you're reading this from the afterlife, let's make a deal. We'll take good care of Poision Ivy if you promise to greet us in your leather pants when it's our turn to take that one-way train to the other side.  



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