Rivera: Despreciado by Know NothingsEXPAND
Rivera: Despreciado by Know Nothings

Lupillo Rivera, Mexican Music Superstar, Fights Anti-Immigrant Protestors in Murrieta, Gets Spat On

Yesterday, about 200 Know Nothings protested in Murrieta, the Colton of Riverside County, to try and block buses from unloading children who had come to the United States illegally. It was as ugly an ant-Latino protest as has been seen in Southern California in at least 20 years, but an unlikely figure was there to help battle the racists: Mexican music superstar Lupillo Rivera.

Over the past 15 years, Rivera has crafted an image as a party man par none--for chrissakes, his newest album is called El Rey de los Borrachos (King of the Drunks). Though sometimes personally participating in pro-amnesty rallies, his music has been aggressively non-political, a soundtrack to parrandear (party) instead of revolution. No one in Mexico or the United States has taken him seriously as a pundit on anything, instead paying more attention to his late sister, Jenni Rivera--but that might all change because of Lupillo's actions in Murietta.

Lupillo offered a running commentary on his Facebook page, with the second-best post being a photo of a fat gabacha screaming at him while he kept his smiling calm. "And they say that we Mexicans lose control?" he wrote in Spanish. "That we're aggressive? Disrespectful? Low-class? Here, I had to control myself to show that we only want to work!"

The best post? Some lunatic spitting on him.

Good for you, Lupillo. And finally, further proof that the mainstream media remains clueless: the English-language media only referred to him as a "protestor" because they had no idea who he was. OY VEY...

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