Luke Allen Responds to This Week's 'Sound Guy' Column

In this week's Sound Guy column, I talk about the OC Music Awards showcases, and discuss how the lineups have been rather similar, genre-wise. Luke Allen, the head of the OC Music Awards, emailed me back with these thoughts, which I think were worth sharing:

I hear you on the similarity of the artists performing in the showcases and can attribute that to two main factors:

-          The two categories that make up the showcases which are a battle of the bands style competition are - Best Live Acoustic and Best Live band. By nature these categories end up being mainly rock based artists

-          The other factor is the overwhelming majority of submissions fit in the sub-rock categories of indie, dance, pop, punk, folk genres.

That being said maybe next year we can encourage more of the really talented bands and acoustic artists from other genres to participate. I am always open to ideas and please let me know if you have any suggestions.  The OC Music Awards are open to anything that will help create exposure and opportunities through recognition of talent.

To the OC Music Awards credit, this past Tuesday's show--with the Vessel Tongue, Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob, Oliver Jane and Faded Paper Figures--was very raw, quirky and unique; highlighted by a wild, energetic closing performance by Santa Ana collective the Vessel Tongue. While still being in the same genre umbrella, it was certainly different than the week before and a lot of fun.


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